Daily Steps To Build Muscle Without Weights

Can you build muscle without weights?

Lose Weight / August 7, 2017

How To Build Muscle Without WeightsCan you build muscle with weights?

For years, everyone thought this was impossible.

But what if I told you that building muscle didn’t require you to be able to squat 500 pounds and that you could build muscle just as efficiently with nothing but your own bodyweight?

That would be the best thing since sliced bread, right?

It’s pretty badass stuff, check out the interview below.

1) Hey Todd, thanks for agreeing to do this interview. So to start can you give us a quick rundown of who you are and what you do?

My pleasure! My name is Todd Kuslikis and I am the founder of AShotofAdrenaline.net. It’s a website that helps people transform their bodies and their lives using bodyweight exercises.

bodyweight overload reviewI particularly focus on helping men that are skinny build mass. Most people don’t know it but I also have a day job.

I work with individuals that have had a closed head injury or spinal cord injury and help them through rehabilitation. The human body is so fascinating from every angle and I thoroughly enjoy learning about it and applying what I learn to help people live a more fulfilling life.

2) So it’s obvious you’re a big fan of bodyweight exercises. What made you focus on bodyweight exercises versus traditional weight lifting?

My history of martial arts taught me that bodyweight exercises can be just as effective for staying in shape as weight lifting. I still remember some of my kenpo classes.

We would do extreme calisthenics for about an hour. Our drills were super tough and left you on the ground barely able to catch your breath. We would then practice forms or sparring after that. It helped to condition the body very well.

It’s not that I am against weight lifting. Weight lifting is a tool that people can use to build muscle. I do think people are more likely to get injured, if they don’t know what they are doing with weights, but it still can be a very effective tool.

I have been in love with bodyweight based training for a long time because for me it is more than a system of physical fitness. Bodyweight exercises is a tool for self-mastery.

I regularly work on more challenging moves such as front levers, handstands, pistol squats, etc. After you start achieving some of the advanced calisthenics moves, it really boosts your confidence in all areas of your life which makes it even more satisfying.

Source: www.fitmole.org