Plans: Considerations for Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, and Stubborn Body

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Lose Weight / March 30, 2018

If you want to lose fat and improve your health as fast as possible, without feeling mentally slow, it’s hard to beat Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting. Here’s an overview of the protocol, which I lay out in more detail in my new NYT bestseller The Bulletproof Diet.

Plain intermittent fasting has become popular in biohacker circles because it shows tremendous promise for fat loss, preventing cancer, building muscle, and increasing resilience. The most popular site that covers plain intermittent fasting is It’s totally worth a visit. The basic idea behind plain intermittent fasting is to eat all of your daily food in a shortened period (8 hours in the case of Lean Gains) and fast the rest of the time. For reasons we will get into below, this tells your body to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat. It really works.

The problem is not everyone does well with fasting. If you’re a busy entrepreneur or even a student who needs to be in a high performance state all day, dealing with hunger can be a distraction. It’s much worse for those with an impaired metabolism (i.e. the people who need to lose weight). If you have more than 30 pounds of extra fat or if you’re facing diabetes, it can be hard to skip meals and still get things done.

As explained in The Bulletproof Diet book, Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting is an easy biohack that changes that and makes it possible to lose fat and build muscle faster than plain intermittent fasting… without feeling hungry or tired.

Introducing Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting

Bulletproof Fasting is the same as intermittent fasting, except you consume a cup of Bulletproof Coffee in the morning. The healthy fats from grass-fed butter and Brain Octane Oil give you a stable current of energy that sustains you through the day. The ultra low toxin Upgraded Coffee Beans beans optimize brain function and fat loss with high octane caffeine. The Brain Octane Oil also serves to increase ketone production and boosts your metabolic rate by up to 12%. This drink is so filling, we’ve had clients who drank one cup of Bulletproof Coffee in the morning and didn’t feel like eating until mid afternoon. Adding extra Brain Octane Oil will promote ketogenesis (the formation of ketones) and provide more of a mental kick.

Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting: Mental Performance Protocol

Goal: Improve and/or sustain mental performance while getting more benefits than plain intermittent fasting.

Step 1: Finish dinner by 8 pm

No snacking after dinner – go to bed whenever you want.

Step 2: Drink Bulletproof Coffee in the morning

Bulletproof Coffee is a mix of brewed Upgraded Coffee beans, grass-fed ghee (or unsalted grass-fed butter), and Brain Octane Oil. You can find the complete recipe here. Don’t mess around with cheap coffee, which will sabotage your efforts since 91.7% of green coffee has mycotoxins in it.

Drink as much Bulletproof Coffee as you like in the morning. You can have another cup before 2:00 PM if you get hungry. No coffee after 2:00 PM or you won’t sleep.

Step 2.5 (optional) – Work out

This is not necessary to gain muscle and lose fat, but it helps. If you’re going to work out, lift something heavy right before you break the fast in step 3. I’d suggest high intensity weight training. Shorter and harder is better than longer exercise. You will need to sleep more if you exercise.

Step 3: Do not eat until 2pm

This means you’ve not had anything to eat except Bulletproof Coffee for 18 hours. This should occur from the time you wake, through the morning, and into the afternoon. If 18 hours is too long, start with a shorter fast and increase from there.

Step 4: Eat as much Bulletproof food as you like for 6 hours (until 8 pm)

The number of meals you eat during this time is irrelevant, as is the amount of calories.

Here is a sample day of Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting:

8:00 AM: Drink Bulletproof Coffee.
2:00 PM: Break fast with foods from the Bulletproof Diet.
8:00 PM: Eat your last meal before beginning the fast.

Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting extends your life, improves brain function, and makes you more resilient on all levels. Even if you just start drinking Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast in place of the watery bags of sugar we call fruit, you can take advantage of some of these benefits. Once you start Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting, you will have gained an unfair advantage on your peers in health, longevity, and performance.